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 The best tiles for the outdoor patio, where tiles are one of the most important equipment and tools that he is looking for in finishing homes, especially yards and outdoor spaces, whether they are in the countryside or cities alike, and it is worth saying here that there are already a large number of types of tiles in the market, which differ Each of them is according to the material and price, and through this article, the content site will review a distinctive assortment of the best types of tiles that can be used to prepare the exterior of the house in 2022.

The best outdoor tiles

There are a large number of the best types of tiles that can be used in finishing the outer courtyard of homes, villas, and palaces, and the following will be viewed in detail on a list of the most prominent of these types:

granite tiles

Granite is one of the best types that can be adopted in finishing the exterior of the houses, due to its resistance and tolerance to various weather conditions and factors such as water, high temperature, etc.., and this also comes in addition to its soft and smooth texture, which gives the place a great deal of luxury and sophistication.

marble tiles

Marble tiles are one of the ideal types that can be used in outdoor patios or gardens attached to homes, due to their enjoyment of a large number of distinctive qualities and factors that earn them a great deal of popularity, for example, their resistance to weather factors and their extreme durability, and this also comes in addition to It is available in a wide range of different shapes and colors that come to suit all tastes and opinions.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are characterized by the presence of a wide range of varying colors that make them provide a wide base of choices for individuals to choose the desired color, and this comes in addition to the possibility of cleaning very easily and with less effort, but perhaps one of the most prominent defects that individuals can face with ceramics is its extreme smoothness that It may cause slip and fall problems.

porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are considered one of the most luxurious and finest types that can be used in finishing the exterior tiles, as it is one of the materials similar to ceramic in terms of diversity of shapes, colors, and textures.

Wood tile yard

Wood is very popular all over the world for its ability to be used in paving the exterior of homes or gardens, as it contributes to giving it a simple and valuable appearance. Perhaps the most prominent types of wood that can be adopted in this regard are of the following:

  • pine.
  • cedar.
  • ram wood.
  • walnut.

Indoor floors are the best tiles for outdoor patios

In the following lines, we will list the best types of tiles that can be used on the floors of outdoor patios for the year 2022 AD:

  • Limestone tiles.
  • Artificial turf tiles.
  • Slate tiles.
  • Clay tiles.
  • Concrete tiles.

Pictures of luxury yard tiles 2022

One of the most beautiful pictures of the luxurious exterior tiles that contribute to adding charming touches of sophistication to the entire place, we include them for you during these following few lines

Tile prices in Saudi Arabia 2022

The prices of tiles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia vary according to the quality of the tiles and their real hardness and durability. Below is a list of the most popular types of tiles in the Kingdom:

  • The price of a square meter of Spanish tiles: ranges from 43 to 186 Saudi riyals.
  • The price of a square meter of Italian tiles: is between 60 and 100 Saudi riyals.
  • Parquet meter price: ranges between 34 to 86 riyals.
  • The price per meter of Saudi ceramics ranges between 10 to 20 Saudi riyals.

How to choose the right type of tile

There is a wide range of actual tips that should be taken into consideration while choosing the right type of tile, for example:

  • Choosing the right quality of tiles for the place, whether inside or outside the house.
  • Selection of high-quality brands to ensure their tolerance to various weather conditions.
  • Searching for good materials at the most apprreasonableces and avoiding exaggeration or exaggeration.
  • Choose good quality tiles to avoid slipping or falling.

In conclusion, this article has seen the best tiles for the outdoor patio for the year 2022, and this comes in addition to reviewing the most important tips that must be taken into account during the process of choosing the right type of tile.


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